Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our wedding day! This was the best day ever, Sam has made me so unbelievably happy. Sam was very patient in waiting for me and letting me fulfill some of my dreams before we got married. I'm so lucky that such an amazing guy asked me to marry him.
We almost used this as our engagment picture, but then we wanted to use the Ireland one because we thought it was more unique.

I had to add this one because its my favorite memory of my study abroad trip with my best friend Bethany Morris. We hopped on a plane from England and went to Italy for about a week. We had a blast together!
This was taken at the Blarney Castle in Ireland and we ended up using it for our engagment picture.
We decided to make a trip to Ireland and here's us doing our best leprechaun impression.

Sam and I riding the subway in England, it was freezing when he came!

Sam and my parents came and visited me in England while I was studying abroad and we visited Buckingham Palace. This is us at Disneyland after being engaged for about 2 days.

This is me showing off my new engagment ring to my nemesis aka the red-headed floozie!

Going to plays is one of my favorite things to do and Wicked is my favorite play. Sam surprised me with tickets!
Sam and me at a Halloween party while we were dating.

This is Sam and me just having fun while we were dating.

Yeah my new blog!

People have been hounding me ever since Sam and I got married to create a blog. Now that I'm done with my classes for my undergrad degree (I student teach this Spring) I finally have time to create one. My co-workers Saundra and Emily finally convinced me to start my own today. So since I have quite some catching up to do here are some pictures of mine and Sam's dating, engagment, and wedding.